How You Can Benefit From Permanent Hair Removal?

The past decade has seen the number of hair removal products on the market soar, ranging from the expensive to the cheap.

However, they only promise temporary hair removal, and hair will grow back anywhere between a number of days to a few weeks.

Not every product on the market will also work effectively for everyone, as each person has varying types of hair. Permanent hair removal has become a popular alternative, wherein after a few sessions, hair will no longer grow back.


Permanent hair removal works by gently killing the hair follicles through methods such as laser, electrolysis, and the use of a flash lamp.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy from permanent hair removal.

1. Once the hair has been removed, there’s no need to ever spend on a salon treatment for waxing, threading, and other forms of hair removal that you will need to do on a regular basis. Say goodbye to painful waxes, as well as the hassle of plucking at home, and shaving, which grows back hair very fast and much thicker.

2. Permanent hair removal is painless. Just a few sessions at the doctor will zap away unwanted hair in virtually any body part you want.

3. Permanent hair removal makes you more confident and will greatly reduce the nuisance of having to worry about hair, especially in areas that are often seen in public such as the armpit, or the bikini area.

4. When you compare the cost of permanent hair removal vs. the cost of a lifetime of professional fees waxing, threading, and other methods of hair removal, you will see that permanent hair removal is a lifelong practical investment and a more economically-sound alternative.

5. With permanent hair removal, there is no pain and scarring. Your skin will be soft, smooth, and completely bump-free, so you don’t need to worry.

6. It is a tried-and-tested clinical method, used by millions of converts around the world mostly valued for its practical benefits. Even if you want to use permanent hair removal for smaller areas in your skin such as your chin, upper lip, or eyebrows, this method will work just fine.

The most common methods of permanent hair removal

1. Electrolysis – A procedure which involves the insertion of hair-thin metal into each hair follicle. Through the fine metal, which does not puncture the skin, electricity is delivered that over a few sessions will eventually damage the areas that produce hair growth. The number of sessions for electrolysis may also vary according to the thickness of one’s hair.

2. Laser treatment – This method of permanent hair removal is one of the most widely used and recognized for its effectiveness. It involves targeting heated laser light towards the hair follicles, which over a few sessions will kill it and therefore stunt hair growth.

Hair removal can be done for both men and women. Be sure to use a licensed practitioner before doing your preferred method for hair removal, and enjoy a lifetime of hair free smooth skin!


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