Hunger Game Tattoos – Try Hunger Games Mania

Have you read the book called The Hunger Games? Well, in case you didn’t, you should because you may end up loving it, just like millions of other fans all over the world. They get their books signed by the author and stay in line just to see their favorite stars on the red carpet. People are taking things one-step further: they are getting tattoos with the motifs of the movie.


Fighting birds

According to the movie, there is a special breed of birds – the mockingjay that is created when themockingbirds and the jabberjays mate. They can mimic different kinds of sounds, such as the sounds of people, but only the sounds that they like, such as the singing voice of Katniss Everdeen.

Radiant as the sun

This sentence comes from the beginning of the book where Katniss describes herself this way. She says that she isn’t pretty and she’s not beautiful but she is as radiant as the sun.

Mockingjay imprint

It is known that the plot is set in Panem that used to be in the western region of Northern America. TheCapitol of the book and of the movie is set somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.



There are some people who got tattoos with a bird and a text that is the most well known tagline of the book. This is repeated several times throughout the book, but it is Effie Trinket who says it first. It may sound like something that only superstitious people believe, but people still like it.

Mockingjay and fiery arrow

The main point of the Hunger Games is that it is held only once a year and all the districts send a male and a female representative to participate in this game of survival. Naturally the last living person wins the game.

Mockingjay and wreath

The main character, Katniss and her partner Peeta come from District 12 that is the poorest district of Panem. People there handle coal production and it is said to be surrounded by electric fence that is on 24/7. Nonetheless Katniss sees that it isn’t on at any time and so she gets out and hunts for food.

Fire is catching


This quite comes from the third book of the trilogy and the entire quote says that fire is catching and if some burn, others will burn with them, as a threat.


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