Be Careful About Possible Infections You Can Get at the Salon

You may think of your salon as the place you go to for some cosseting and where you return from looking and feeling better, but consider the fact that there are infections and problems you can pick up there as well.

Some years back a woman actually died from an infection that she had picked up at a nail salon. 46 year old Kimberly Kay Jackson used to get pedicures regularly, but one time the pumice stone caused an injury that resulted in an oozing wound that wouldn’t heal in spite of antibiotics. This was the case of a staph infection which actually led to a heart attack and death for this woman.

Pedicure Infections

Now this is of course a rather extreme case but there are several things that a person can catch at the salon; here are some of them:

Nicks and cuts

Nail files, nail clippers, instruments for buffing and removing dead skin, can all cause the occasional nick and cut and through this can spread infection.

Not only the sort of infections that come from bugs that may be present in the salon, but also the sort of infection that can come later due to improper healing of the cut.

Fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot are something that you may catch.

HPV infection and warts

Any body fluid can spread this virus and the nicks and cuts you can get can spread means exposure the virus. This infection is the chief risk factor for cervical cancer as well.


The flu virus, be in the simple flu, swine flu or any other, loves enclosed places with lots of people inside one place which is typically what any solon is. Infections such as colds, the flu and so on easily spread in this environment.

Mycobacterium fortuitum

This infection can be caused by shaving nicks on the legs and may be exacerbated by a subsequentpedicure. It can cause painful boils that could result in scarring and may need strong antibiotics.

Methicillin-resistant Staph or MRSA

It is rare but it is thought of as a sort of super bug because it is resistant to antibiotics. The symptoms of this infection may be visible in a day and the first may be pain and stiffness in the hands. An ooze of pus may start after the skin reddens and cracks.

So if possible carry your own implements to the salon or make sure that the method of sterilization that is used at the salon is satisfactory.


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