Interesting Nail Trends for Fresh and Flawless Nails

It is more than just the hot nail polish colors and the trendy runway hues for the season out there that you need to keep track of, there is a lot more going on with nail trends than you may think.

The Ombre Manicure

One of the hot new nail trends to emerge is something called the Ombre Nail Trend or Ombre Nails or whatever it is that the fashionistas are calling. The Ombre Manicure is something that you either love or hate and is apparently one of the hot trends for this Summer/Spring season of 2011.

Crackle Finish Nail Art

The style is popularized by TV personality, author and fashion designer Lauren Conrad and it involves doing your nails in different colors.

Not only does each nail have a different color, but the color also goes from light to dark, a gradation of color if you like.

Chanel’s Mimosa Yellow Nail Paint

Now admittedly fashion house of Chanel is arguably one of the biggest trendsetters in the world, so when their models turned up on the runway in a nail paint shade called Mimosa Yellow, people sat up and took notice.

So if yellow is the color of nails this season, we wonder how many of us would prefer to be untrendy?

Crackle Finish Nail Art

Another hot new designer nail trend is Crackle finish nail art, as sported by rockstar Katy Perry and tennis player Serena Williams.

This is apparently the must have nail look that gives that ‘shattering’ impression – a crackled or marbled effect of a contrasting color over a different color below – now if we were being unkind we could just say that this looks like really badly chipped nail polish but the trendy teen crowd is all gaga about this new look.

The Gel Manicure / Gel Nail polish

The gel nail polish or the Shellac Manicure is just a very good idea because it is just a lot longer lasting than your regular nail polish. So if you have the kind of hard working hands that slave over a hot stove or tap away incessantly at a computer keyboard, then this may be just the thing for you.

The gel content in the nail paint is what gives it its longer lasting hue without chipping. After application, when exposed to UV light, it dries immediately, and offers a high gloss finish for a longer duration. Bright summer color options means that you can have fresh looking and impeccable nails for longer.


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