Is Inner Beauty More Important?

It may be something of a cliché that one’s inner beauty is more important that one’s outer self but its truer than you may think.

The fact is that one’s physical good health, a balanced and nutritious diet and satisfaction with life are all reflected on the outside and translate into good looks. So really this cliché is truer than you think because the mind and the body are interlinked and one is reflective of the other.

inner beauty

Consider the fact that what you eat reflects on your skin. Have you noticed for instance how certain foods seem to trigger breakouts? Though many experts would have us believe that there is no connection between what you eat andacne breakouts, it has been demonstrated that food does in fact have an impact on skin.

Eating fresh and nutritious food most certainly is able to deliver the requisite nutrients to the skin, making it smoother and keeping in younger for longer. Unhealthy Trans fats are known to causeinflammation in the body resulting in dull, sallow looking skin.

Have you noticed how after a good strenuous workout, your skin seems to glow? This is due to two reasons – one because the sweating has rid the skin of toxins and other impurities, and secondly because the exertion has sent your blood pumping, improving your body’s circulation and improving the look of your skin.

Eating healthy and exercising well has the benefit of keeping one in good health. The body’s organs are disease free, immunity is strong enough to repel infections, and in general the body is in good working order.

This will inevitably reflect in healthy looking skin, sans blemishes, bouncy hair that shines with health and vitality, bright eyes. Now it is easy to see how inner beauty, which is tantamount to good health, can reflect on the outside.

Dietitians, nutritionists as well as beauty experts all speak in one voice, the importance of drinking enough water, to keep the systems in the body working optimally and to keep them hydrated. So water being good for health and for your looks is another example of the inner outer connect.

And there is another way in which your inner self reflects on the outside: if you are a happy person who is satisfied with life and has the coping mechanisms to deal with all that life throws at you, this also will reflect on your face.

There will be fewer lines and wrinkles on a face that does not grimace in unhappiness or frown constantly. A happy face, more used to smiling will have fewer lines and will appear younger than an unhappy face.

So be happy and treat your body right – it will reward you by making you looking good!


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