Is Waxing Painful? Methods To Relax And Ease the Pain!

Everyone, today, wish to have a clean and hair free look.

Wax, the best way for achieving this look.

Waxing is very painful.

However, there are methods to ease the pain or eradicate completely.

The key is to find out the one that is best for you and your level of pain tolerance.

One best option for eradicating the waxing pain is over-the-counter pain medications.Waxing

Waxing For A Clean And Hair Free Look

You may find that taking medications like aspirin, or Tylenol or combine these medications with other pain management options before the waxing is sufficient.

Ice, a great way to numb the waxing area, however you have a problem with it; during the treatment you may prefer your skin to be at normal temperature. So consult your salon or spa first before using it.

If numbing is allowed, then wrap an ice cube in some kind of wet cloth. You can use a reusable frozen first aid pack to avoid the mess of a melting piece of ice. Use ice for five minutes before you begin waxing, and also use after completing wax till you satisfy.

Also, taking an antacid for an hour before waxing helps restrain the discomfort related with hair removal. However, there is really no scientific reason regarding antacids help.

Pregnant women and monks have used another, less involved method of managing the pain for ages: breathing techniques. It is best to try slowing you’re breathing down during the procedure. Try breathing through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

While you breathe out, try to drive the pain away by letting out some sounds or you can count a set of numbers while holding your breath just after the wax is removed. Experiment with these two types to see the best working procedure in controlling your pain.

Relaxation methods are one more common technique of managing pain but not just during waxing. By concentrating on and visualizing the relaxation of different parts of your body, you can put yourself in a light trance.

You can try focusing on your legs and feet. You won’t necessarily lessen the pain as much as you will disconnect yourself from it. These methods are helpful if you are well practiced in it and enduring a long waxing session.

Another method of relaxing is to just visualize. Visualize a happy place you like the most, imagine relaxing in that place by doing something that gives you a level of relaxation. Thus, your session will be over, before you know it.

Another way is to find out the ways to make the time go faster. Try to talk with others waiting for their treatment, though it is a problem while work is being done near your mouth.

One more option is listening music; even this is a relaxation technique. One other option is to simple double up. Have more than one-person for waxing can help work on more than one part simultaneously.

Waxing is painful, and by experimenting and studying you can find a pain management technique that helps in your next waxing. After all, the end result is valuable.


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