Is Waxing Suitable For Sensitive Skin?

Waxing is one of the methods of hair removal preferred by women to remove unwanted hair.

Waxing is the best procedure for hair removal and the growth of your hair will also become less after waxing [Effective hair removal products].

But, waxing is a tough process because it will be painful.

Women look for waxing, but feel nervous to try if they have sensitive skin.

If you have normal tougher skin, you can go for waxing as your skin supports it.Waxing

Disadvantages of waxing in sensitive people

  • Waxing can be more painful in sensitive skin people and they feel like they cannot bare this pain.
  • Waxing can irritate your skin immediately if your is sensitive.
  • Stress or pressure on the skin while pulling the hair with cloth or strip will be more on sensitive skin.
  • If your skin is sensitive, it can result in ingrown hairs, red bumps, and minor bleeding.
  • Sometimes, stretch marks will appear on the skin because skin becomes loose while pulling the waxing strips up.

Tips to make waxing procedure easy on sensitive skin:

  • You should feel comfortable, warm and relaxed. When you are not comfortable and relaxed, skin pores can constrict and your skin becomes more sensitive to pain.
  • Select small area of the skin where you have to remove the hair and test the waxing product. If you do not observe any reactions, proceed with other body parts.
  • If you are going for waxing for first time, start with legs, as they are less sensitive than other body parts.
  • Exfoliate the waxing area to avoid ingrown hair.
  • Wash your skin thoroughly for removing remaining oils or lotions. Use talcum powder to make the skin dry.
  • Take one wax strip and warm the strip by rubbing in between your hands for 5 seconds. Gently press the strip on skin and smooth it firmly in hair growth direction.
  • Once you fix the strip, remove it in opposite direction of hair growth. Repeat the process as required.
  • While removing the wax strip, fast and smooth pull back is more important.
  • Do not lift the wax strip upwards. Keep the strip closer to the skin.
  • After waxing, do not irritate the skin by applying any products or exposing yourself to sunlight.


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