Know More About Different Body Hair Removal Methods!

Body Hair RemovalWorried about unwanted body hair? Body hair removal is possible to remove unwanted hair.

It is to be done under the supervision of a licensed professional.

Many of you might be having a desire to remove unwanted body hair from your adolescent age.

Unwanted hair on the body can be irritating and always troublesome for any one. Due to the hair growth in different body parts like legs, face, bikini line or armpits or any other body parts, most of the men and women are very concerned in the unwanted body hair removal process.

Many different body hair removal techniques are available to get rid of this unwanted hair. Some of the most common techniques are discussed here. Try to know about them and choose the one which suits to your skin type.

An effective and expensive approach in body hair removal: Laser treatment:

One of the most effective ways in body hair removal permanently is through laser hair removal treatment. It is considered as the fastest way to remove excess body hair permanently.

Unlike electrolysis hair removal, where each of your hair follicle should be treated individually, making the process time-consuming and also painful, lasers can have impact on several hair follicles at once, which can make the process faster.

This laser treatment really works well in removing hair from the chest and back and also from arms and legs.

Simple guidelines to follow after the treatment:

  • Try to avoid hard work and exercises for the first 24 hours, as perspiration from exercises can raise the irritation level caused by laser.
  • Avoid exposure of your skin from sunrays for certain weeks and then try to apply sunscreen lotion whenever your skin is exposed to sun.
  • Don’t pluck the hairs or avoid waxing between the periods of laser treatment.
  • Don’t scrub the treated areas of your skin. Try to wash gently with water and also ensure to use mild soaps.

Waxing: Less expensive and also effective:

Waxing is also considered as one of the best methods in body hair removal techniques. This is the less expensive method of body hair removal when compared with laser treatment and even electrolysis. Waxing can be very useful in removing the hair follicles out from their shafts.

As the hair follicle is not specifically and persistently damaged, there is a chance for the hair to reappear on your skin. But it usually takes several weeks for the re-growth of hair follicles on your skin.

Repetitive waxing procedures can ultimately affect the growth of the hair follicle and gradually ceases the hair growth on your skin. It is not a guaranteed process and it is not considered as a permanent method in body hair removal methods.

As a word of caution, it is always advisable to follow this procedure under the supervision of professionals. Be aware, very rarely waxing can cause damage to skin, if your skin is sensitive.


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