The Latest Trend for Men Hair Removal

Men hair removal isn’t one of those topics that people talk a lot about, but still it is important for those men that care about their looks. This doesn’t mean that they should get a bikini wax alongside with their girlfriend, but those times are over when they showed an army of hair when they had their shirt unbuttoned.

Excess body hair removal is something easy because of all the options that are available in our days. These include waxing, electrolysis, shaving, tweezing, laser hair removal and trimming. No matter what your motivation may be you should know that men of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and professions are doing it.

Men hair removal through waxing

Men hair removal through waxing and sugaring

Waxing is the process through which hot wax is poured over the skin covering a body part and then a piece of cloth or muslin is placed onto the wax.

After slight rubbing the hot wax is peeled off the skin by pulling and along with it the hair you want to get rid off.

This way you can get rid of the wax, hair and root in just one movement. Sugaring is about the same process, but in this case sugar paste is used, just as it has been used in ancient Egypt.

Also we have to note that men seem to be embarrassed by removing men’s hair at a salon and this is why there are some aestheticians that offer to perform the procedure at home. You can also find home use kits, but it is very unlikely that a person would be able to do the process for himself without making a lot of mess.

In case you would like to try men hair removal you should visit a professional. If you would like your genital area to get waxed, you should know that the process only involves the area around the penis.

Besides the waxing on the body, there are also some men that would like to have nice eyebrows, and so they are looking for eyebrow waxes. Famous guys also do this, like David Beckham and according to certain spa owners, about 86% of the male clients get their eyebrows waxed.

Removing men’s hair isn’t about becoming a pretty boy, but about self-care and not walking around with a unibrow. You don’t have to achieve the perfect arch, but you should make sure that you can control those eyebrows that are more rebellious.

The most common places to perform men’s hair removal at include the eyebrows, back, the back of the neck, toes, chest and knuckles.

The advantage of waxing is that in case there is constant hair removal, eventually the hair will become thinner, but the hair will still grow back.

Removing men’s hair through electrolysis

The use of electrolysis is a bit more complicated and a little more threatening than waxing, because there is a needle that zaps the root of the hair, killing it. The advantage is that the results are permanent, but the effectiveness of the men hair removal is not guaranteed and it varies from one person to the other.


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