Lip Balms For Smacking And Healthy Lips!

Worried with dry and chapped lips? Then using a lip balm can be better option for your problem.

These lip balms are mainly developed to help you in keeping your lips moist.

However, it is very important for you to know that not all the lip balms that are available in the market are safe and also effective to use.

Unlike other parts of your body, lips are most affected to all kinds of weather conditions.

It is quite common for every one to experience dry and chapped lips during cold and dry weathers.

It can be mainly due to lack of moisture in your lips, which can be the result of the loss of ability of your skin and lips to absorb moisture.lip balm

Under such circumstances, your lips can crack due to extreme dryness and can lead to chapped lips. So, the only way to get rid of this problem is to use a proper lip balm for your lips, in order to give sufficient moisture for your lips.

Lip balms are different from lip sticks!

Do you think lip balm and lipsticks are one and the same? Then you might be in a wrong consideration of lip balm. It is very important for you to know that lip balms are quite different from lip sticks.

Lipsticks are completely considered as cosmetic items, which are mainly used to enhance your eternal beauty where as lip balms mainly contain components, which can help you to moisturize your lips and also to prevent your lips from being dry and chapped.

Making lip balm is a very simple and inexpensive procedure!

Actually these lip balms are considered as one of the easiest products which can be made easily at your home and they are also inexpensive in making. All you need for a simple base is sweet almond oil; you can also prefer coconut oil instead.

You should also take beeswax pearls and few drops of wheat germ oil. As a rule of thumb, always remember, for 2 parts of oil, one part of beeswax pearls and one drop of wheat germ oil must be added.

Now, heat the base (sweet almond oil) in a sauce pan and to this base, try to add beeswax pearls. For thin consistency, add only few amounts of beeswax or if you need a thick lip balm, then you add more beeswax pearls. Try to allow the base to cool down and check for consistency. If it is thicker, then add more bases and reheat the mixture.

Even though making a lip balm is a very easy and inexpensive procedure, they are readily available in the market. Try to choose a perfect lip balm for your lips and avoid dryness of your lips.


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