Chapped Lips Not A Disaster If You Can Help It

When our mothers used to tell us as little girls not to bite our lips, they were actually preparing us for what the winter, cold and harsh winds manage to do to us.

The lack of air moisture during cold winters can do a lot of damage to the sweet feminine feature we are proud to dress up with lipstick for an enchanting smile.

Chapped lips can be a pain and all women should know that some simple measures can come as a trusted ally to protect our precious lips and the same smart methods can heal them when needed.

A viscous lip balm containing shea butter, hyaluronic acid or petrolatum will protect your lips opposite to a waxy one which will only worsen the situation.

If you have eczema you should not use a lanolin based balm. Also the strong flavored balms such as cinnamon or mint can only do more damage by irritating the already chapped lips.

Exfoliation should be done with alpha hydroxy rather than with the usual exfoliating product you use on your face because grainy texture only irritates the lips preventing the healing.

Be more careful when choosing toothpaste, mouthwash or skin cleanser. They can be an allergenic factor you are not aware of and if the problem persists change the brand immediately.

More important if none of the above seems to work and this problem continues to interfere with your beauty, it can also interfere with your health, so making an appointment to a dermatologist is a very good idea.


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