Proper Cold Sore Lip Treatment

It can be hard to figure out the proper lip treatment for every situation that pops up on your lips because cold sores tend to come out of nowhere most of the time. There never seems to be an obvious source of where you could have gotten that cold sore on your lip.

Dwelling on the fact that you have a cold sore is usually not a good idea, and you would be using your time much more wisely if you began searching for the solution to this cold sore problem.

lip-treatmentThere are a variety of different ways someone can get a cold sore, but the important thing to do is to find the proper lips treatment rather than thinking about where you could have gotten it.

You can start to think about with whom you shared a drink with or who you’ve been kissing after you’ve taken care of your little problem.

Another reason you shouldn’t start to think about where you have gotten the cold sore is that many people who have the herpes simplex virus don’t even know it because they don’t know any symptoms.

Since you aren’t likely to find the source of your cold sore, you may as well just go ahead and start to get rid of it. There are a few different remedies out there that have been used for plenty of years, and there are also some things you need to prevent yourself from doing when your cold sore first breaks out onto your lip.

You may also not like to hear the fact that your cold sore could start reappearing even after it seems it has been completely eradicated.

The first steps of lip treatment

If your cold sore is just appearing for the first time, the first step of your lip treatment will be to make sure that you don’t let it spread to other parts of your body. You should also make sure you do your best to not spread it to any other people as well. Always wash your hands as much as possible during an outbreak, and also make sure to not touch your eyes after touching your lips.

There are some obvious things you can do to prevent the spread of this cold sore to other people. Definitely don’t go around kissing anyone because that is a surefire way to make sure someone else gets a cold sore on their lip. Remember to not share anything such as a glass of soda where your lips will be touching the same material as someone else’s lips.

What to do during your outbreak

Ice is known to be able to help slow down the swelling of a cold sore, so that should be your next step in lip treatment. Do not simply place ice on your lip because that can actually end up burning the sore. You should instead wrap the ice in a paper towel or other similar item so that your lip is not actually making direct contact with the ice cube.

You can soak tea bags and then apply the tea to your cold sore because it contains levels of tannic acid. Coconut oil and lemon balm are two other options when it comes to quelling your problems. One final thing to remember is that you should not pick at your scab once your cold sore is receding.


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