Cracked Lips – How To Fix The Painful Problem

cracked-lipsCracked lips are often a problem in winter.Here are few tips on how to get rid of this problem. First and most important is not to lick your lips.

This is an instinctive action when you are lips are dry, but it is extremely bad, especially in windy, cold weather, so try to control it.

Lip balms aren’t always the right decision, so you can research more about the company producer.

Most of the lip balms don’t contain SPF factor, which is the right protection for your lips, so choose only lip balms that contain sun and wind protection. Another thing about the lip balms is their ingredients.

A good lip balm should contain phenol, beeswax and petroleum jelly, for these are the ingredients that really prevent cracked and dry lips.

In case your lips are painful in general, then search some relief in ingredients like camphor and menthol.

lip-careThe main reason for cracked lips isn’t only the cold weather. It is often some medical issue.

In case you have a cold, then your lips will surely be cracked. Take more vitamins and eat healthier food to prevent it.

Another reason for cracked lips is the anemia and the lack of iron in your system.

Choose some healthy daily diet, when it comes to your food and don’t forget to add the right lip balm at least two times per day.


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