5 Ways to Get Pink and Supple Lips

Supple and pinks lips are something that we all want as they surely enhance the beauty of your face. But it is really difficult to follow a proper lip care routine and moreover, if you are amongst those women who have a very hectic lifestyle and wrong food habits, then your lips must have already lost that natural pink hue and have turned darker. But there are many ways of getting that natural color and texture back. Here are 5 simple ways:

ways to get pink and supple lipsLemon-Honey Treatment

This is possibly one of the best ways of revitalizing your lips and is also a simple one. This lemon and honey pack works as magic by moisturizing your lips from within and leaving them clean, soft, supple and pink. Take a bowl and add equal amounts of honey and lemon juice and mix well. Apply this combination on your lips and let it stay for an hour. Wash with cold water and see the difference. This is a great way of removing sun tan from your lips as well and you can do it several times a day for quick results.


Since, our childhood days, glycerin has been the most trusted skincare product. Glycerin can moisturize your lips and make it look pink and healthy. Dry lips look dark and it is one of the most problems that women experience. Apply some glycerin with the help of a cotton ball on your lips and keep it overnight. Repeat it for a week to see the difference.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber has magnificent skin lightening benefits and most of us are aware of that. It works great on your lips as well. You can apply cucumber juice daily more than once, to get the desired results.

Honey and Sugar

This exfoliating scrub works as magic in enhancing the beauty of your lips. This scrub can be easily prepared at home and all you need to do is take some honey and add some sugar crystals to it. Massage your lips gently with this scrub. This also would exfoliate your skin and remove the dead and dry skin from the top. You will surely get pinker and suppler lips after trying this out.

Turmeric Milk Paste

Turmeric is yet another thing that is used in millions of skin care products. Make a smooth paste with turmeric and milk and apply it evenly on your lips. Let the paste dry and later wash it off with cold water to get lips that are pink and soft.

It is important you stay hydrated and avoid intake of too much caffeine.


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