Some Basic Habits to be Avoided for Luscious Lips

When it comes to our lips, most of us get casual as far as care and maintenance is concerned. We may take care of our skin and our hair but most of us forget that lips too are a big part of our overall beauty and they too must be kept healthy and beautiful.

In our day to day lives, there are many things that we tend to do that may harm our lips and steal moisture away from them. We must avoid doing these practices to ensure the best looking and most healthy lips. The following is a list of the practices to avoid to ensure proper lip care:

habits to be avoided for luscious lips

Avoid Touching Lips as much as Possible

One of the first practices that you must avoid to ensure healthy and beautiful lips is to stop touching them every now and then.  When it comes to lips, we are our own worst enemy. Our hands contain all kinds of germs and bacteria that we pick up throughout the day. When we touch our lips with these hands, the germs get transferred.

Avoid Licking your Lips

Most of us love licking our lips as it feels great but this is something which we must all stop doing it right away. This practice is harmful for our lips and as when the saliva evaporates; our lips tend to feel drier than before.  The enzymes that help our saliva clean our mouth and digest the food are left and are too harsh for our lips.

Avoid Breathing through your Open Mouth

Remember that breathing through open mouth is also one of the practices that you must avoid to ensure proper lip care.  Not only does it look bad but also leads to excessive drying of lips.  All the moisture of the lips get evaporated due to this practice and that can make our lips look dull and even chapped.  It is better to inhale and exhale through the nose.

Avoid Kissing Anyone with an Infection on the Mouth or Face

Another thing that you need to stop doing right now is to avoid kissing anyone who has an infection on the face or the mouth.  Bacteria, viruses and fungi can easily enter cracks in between lips and may be harmful for you.

Avoid Eating an Unhealthy Diet

It is important to avoid eating an unhealthy diet. Make sure you get enough nutrients through your diet since your lips are dependent upon the intake of vitamins and minerals.  Vitamin E and B are particularly important for your lips and you must get plenty of them.

Avoid Smoking

Did you know that even smoking is one of the practices that may be darkening your lip and drying them at the same time? A cigarette once in a while won’t hurt but regular smokers are more likely to have unhealthy lips. To take care of your lips, either quit or drink loads of water after each smoke.


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