Stop Lip Cancer From Attacking Your Lips

Lips come in many shapes and sizes. Whatever your lips look like there is one thing for sure, nobody wants cancer in them.

There are several reasons why a person’s lips are attacked by cancer.

One of these main causes is too much sun, and another cause is an addiction to nicotine and alcohol.

It is hard to believe but drinking alcohol is also associated with lip cancer. Don’t despair though; there are ways that you can protect your lips from cancer.lip care

Lip Products and the Sun’s Rays

There are many lip products on the market today that will protect your lips from over exposure to the sun. Two types of the sun’s rays can affect your lips. These are UVA and UVB. Both of these ultraviolet types of rays can damage your lips and cause lip cancer.

To help prevent this, a person needs to use a lip product with the appropriate amount of sunscreen. [Lip Care]

Doctors recommend that you use a lip product with at least a 30 SPF. However, you can get sunscreen lip products that have a SPF listing as high as 45.

Some of these products are water resistant. When you think of cancer, lip cancer is probably the cancer that you think of the least. The sun’s rays can not only hurt your lips on a bright summer day but also when it is overcast outside.

Winter sun rays can be just as rough on our lips as the summer rays. Those UV rays sneak out even during the winter months. Being prepared when we venture outside is one of the best protections to stop you from getting lip cancer while in the sun.

Fun Sun Protection

Another way to keep the sun off of your lips is to always wear a hat. There are many beach hats that are in style and will keep the sun from shining directly on your lips. Make sure you get one that has a large enough brim to shade you from the sun.

You can also wear a beach robe that has a large size hood for protection. Taking a beach umbrella with you when you decide to have some fun in the sun is also a good thing to do.

Quit Smoking and Using Tobacco

Sometimes it is very hard to give up habits that we really enjoy. Lip cancer is a concern for someone addicted to nicotine and someone who enjoys drinking alcohol. Nicotine and alcohol are very addicting and can end up hurting our lips.

It is hard to give up something that we are addicted to. There are some things that a person can do when trying to kick their habits. When you get the urge for nicotine or alcohol you can try phoning a friend to talk about things.

Buy yourself a pack of gum and chew, chew, chew! Exercise will also help you so why not take a walk? If you will put your thoughts and actions into something else it will help you to forget your cravings.

We do have the power to protect ourselves!


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