Beauty Tips: Top Anti-Aging Tips for the Lips

We all follow many anti-aging solutions for our hair, our eyes, our skin and our nose but do we ever really think about the anti-aging methods for our lips? Not really. We invest a lot in serums, creams and treatments to look young but we often forget this integral part which can make all the difference. The aging of lips can take the glow and luster away from the face and hence one must pay special attention to this important part as well. The following are some of the best anti-aging tips for the lips:

top anti-aging tips for the lipsAvoid Licking your Lips Constantly

We may think that licking of the lips can provide them with the much needed moisture and shine but contrary to this popular belief, constantly licking your lips can actually age them beyond their years. Licking the lips can dry them out and chapped lips may seem like an unattractive feature for your face. Thus the best anti- aging tip for your lips is to avoid licking them.

Avoid Unprotected Sun Exposure

Just as you apply sun screen lotion on your hands, face and neck, it must also be applied on your lips. One reason why lips age quicker than other parts is because it often does not receive the protection from sun exposure. So the next time you step out in the open, don’t forget to apply some sun screen lotion on your lips as well because the ultraviolet radiations can easily darken and wrinkle the lips.

Wear Lip Balm

Wearing lip balm always even at home is a good idea and is goodanti-aging tip for the lips. A lip balm prevents the lips from getting chapped and getting damaged from the dust and other types of harms. Wearing a lip balm helps to delay the process of aging as well.

Exfoliate Lips on a Regular Basis

Scrubbing or exfoliating tips on a regular basis is also a good tip for anti-aging for your lips. You must exfoliate your lips atleast once in 7 days to remove the dead skin cells which are responsible for causing aging. Moreover, exfoliation can also help to lighten the lip area. Some of the good and natural ways to exfoliate your lips is to use essential olive oil, try a mixture of milk and sugar etc.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is the number one cause responsible for aging lips, sometimes even earlier than the due date of aging. Smoking can also cause the lines of the lips to get dark. Moreover, it also makes the texture of the lips to damage. So the more you smoke, the more early will your lips age. Hence it is a good idea to ditch the bud as early as possible.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is also a good tip to avoid the aging of the lips. What you eat reflects on your skin as well as your lips and hence you must have a healthy diet on a regular basis.


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