What To Use To Get Smooth Gorgeous Lips?

Do you suffer from chapped lips ever so often? Do you have dry cracked lips? Do your lips always look tired and unhealthy, and do you tend to cover your beautiful smile with your hand, just because you do not want anyone to notice your cracked lips?

Don’t worry; this happens to all of us.

Most of us tend to neglect this most appealing part of our face, our lips, and only notice them when they start to give us problems.

Even then, we tend to use cheap lip balms, which do nothing but leave disgusting muck on our lips, which we can neither wipe away nor swallow.

What do we do? How can we make sure that we possess a pair of gorgeously smooth lips, all year round?

Here are some tips for you:

  • When you are buying a lip care product, look out for this ingredient: petrolatum. This is one of the worst ingredients to use in a lip balm, because all it does is leave a greasy looking film on your beautiful lips. Another thing: this is one of the main ingredients used to slow corrode car batteries, and is made out of crude oil! Therefore, make sure that your favorite lip balm does not contain this harmful ingredient.
  • The value of butter as an active ingredient of your lip care products cannot be under rated. There is a wide range of butter used in these products, like for instance cocoa, olive, raspberry, avocado, shea, and mango butter.  Butter has the capacity to start healing minute cracks on your lips, caused by misuse of lip care products, or by the weather. Butter also plays an active role in softening your lips, moistening and moisturizing them, and smoothening them beautifully. More importantly, butter helps to control the degeneration of your lips brought on by ageing.
  • Buy products that contain bees wax, or carnauba wax, a product derived from a palm tree as the base for the balm. These are ingredients that keep your lips smooth naturally, and also act as natural moisturizers.
  • Oils are another main ingredient of lip care products. Like butter, there is a wide variety of oils available, and when they form an active part in your lip care product, you can be assured of smooth lovely looking lips. Look out for these oils in your lip care product: clove oil, vitamin E, pomegranate oil, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil. Oils perform an important role in skin and lip care, and when used regularly, your lips will look healthy, moisturized, and free from all sorts of problems.

What are you waiting for? Start today to become the proud owner of a pair of gorgeous smooth lips tomorrow!


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