The Sweet History of Lip Smackers

Many girls like using lip smackers and it may be interesting to know their history. Just as you may have thought, they have a long story and it is filled with lots of flavors.

How the lip balm came to be?

These products are manufactured by the Bonne BelleCompany. This was created by a man who had a dream and chose to pursue it. The founder of the company was Jesse J. Bell. He was a salesman in Kansas who discovered the name Bonne Bell in April 1916 while he was reading the newspaper.

Regarding the sweet lipstick, you should know that this is a character of the novel ‘The Man Next Door’. Bell and his wife loved the character. They had a daughter and they named her Bonne. At that point Bell decided that he wants his own company.

The idea of lip smackers came to life in 1927 when the Bell family moved to Cleveland. There they rented a home and this became the first ‘factory’. He made make-up products and started to sell them door-to-door. He asked his customers whether they are interested in the product or the package. This is why the clients bought the product in the brown paper package.

The lip gloss came closer to realization in 1936 when Bell bought a formula from a chemist. The productwas quickly accepted by the clients. Bell started directing his focus towards the younger clients because he saw potential there.       This is how the products that we know today came to life.

When did he produce the first lip smackers?

Lip Smackers

The first experiments with the gloss were made in1973. The first flavor that was introduced to the market was strawberry, but you can find many flavors today. The name came from Bell. At the beginning they were lip glosses for outdoor people and they had no flavors.

There was a desire for the sweet lip gloss to be different and this is why the chemists started experimenting with different kinds of flavors. This company became the first one to start producing and distributing products of this kind. The flavor, size and concentration of flavor were unique.

Why use the lip smackers?

The truth is that a lot of people use them because they are fun. In the same time they are also very effective due to their conditioning formula. They protect people against the chipped, cracked and dried lips by keeping the lips shiny, soft and moist.

What are the lip glosses made of?

There are a lot of different ingredients that they come with. These include castor oil, candelilla wax, beeswax, cetyl acetate, fragrance, flavor, mineral oil, sesame oil, polybutene, ozokerite, acetylated lanolin alcohol, carnauba, and also hydrogenated soy glycerides.

Of course the manufacturer would never reveal the entire recipe of the lip smackers because other companies could also start producing it, but these are the most important ingredients that you need to know about.


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