Lunch Break – Time for Some Quick Makeup

We are living in busy times and often we don’t have time to take care of our skin and body. Therefore, here are few things you can do about it in the lunch break.

Perhaps you think you can’t handle a cosmetic procedure for such a short time, but this is actually not true. There are some healthy beauty steps you can apply in less than 30 minutes.

lunch-time-makeupFor instance, a facial will take only 15 minutes, but the result will be obvious. There are plenty of express facials that can give you the same result as one hour facial. Some spa centers offer aromatherapy for 20 min, which is also a sort of facial.

Other cosmetic studios offer great facials that include massages and face masks. In case you want to take care of your nails, you can get your nails done by any cosmetic saloon. In case you want to do it by yourself, then you should only use fast dry nail lacquer and finish the nails with nail gloss.

Some of the good brands offer products that dry up for 2 minutes; so you can beautify your nails by yourself.

In case you are in the office and you don’t have time to go to your hairstylist, then do a hairstyle by yourself. It is simple, if you use the right hair products.  Don’t hesitate to research online about some products, which need not be washed away after usage.

There are many hair conditioners that can help you fix your hairstyle. As for the face, you can also help yourself. In case you need a mask, just buy some mask and apply it in the office. Typically there are masks that should be applied only for 10 minutes, so choose this kind of cosmetic.

Recently many cosmetic studios have come up that offer lunch time beauty. One such example is the Cucumba in Soho. The founders of this cosmetic oasis were two ladies who never had enough time to take care of their beauty; so they decided to open a saloon that would offer “fast” cosmetic treatments. There you can find different treatments – from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Those treatments come in special beauty menus; you can choose to get your nails done while getting a facial mask. All this will be done in 15 minutes, so you can always find time to care for your beauty.


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