Make Your Hands Look Beautiful – Hand Care!

hand careAll you women out there must be very eager to know how to make your hands beautiful by hand care. You are very busy with your household works cleaning dishes, washing clothes and gardening etc and wondering how on earth your hands can be good after doing all such works.

Don’t worry there is a way, spare just a few minutes at your week end, and you’ll find your hands with that smooth, soft, beautiful look. Wow!

Don’t forget to soften your hands even while you do the dishes, this is one of the simple hand care tip. Yes, this is really possible, just add a little almond oil say about a teaspoon to dishwater. The water will soften wrought skin while the oil seals the moisture.

Find some more hand care tips to make your hands tan free. Slough off those dead skin cells with a solution made of sea salt lemon. Brush it into hands with an old toothbrush. Do this twice a week to soften hands and remove discoloration. Also wash hands thoroughly with warm water, then, using a coarse washcloth, rub briskly.

While skin is slightly damp, apply a mixture of one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon olive oil. Place hands in small plastic bags, then in a pair of cotton gloves for thirty minutes. The heat helps the treatment penetrate.

There is a good tip for ladies with thin nails. I know you were longing for those long nails with nail luster’s glittering them. You can pretty well now make your nails strong and grow well with out any breakages. All you need to do is just warm a cup of milk in the microwave for thirty seconds meaning the milk should be bit warm.

Soak your hands for five minutes to strengthen nails and hydrate skin. Not only is milk loaded with lactic acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates dead skin, but its high calcium content will strengthen your thin nails. That’s a good hand care tip!

You can do manicure, a form of hand care at home for those good looking hands. Just follow these steps as follows:

First, remove your older nail polish and then file your nails.

Next, soak your hands in the soapy water, for 2 minutes. Press back the cuticles, very gently with your towel. They are very delicate, and need moisturizing. To remove any soap deposit, wipe your nails again with nail polish remover.

Apply a base coat, beginning with the thumb. Base coats are normally transparent nail polishes, which are either strengtheners, or just present to stop the chemical products of the nail polish, to yellow your nails.

After it has dried, apply nail polish. Use only 2 light coats, allowing the first to dry completely before applying the second.

Finally, when the polish is completely dry, massage the coconut oil/ almond oil/ olive oil into your hands up to the wrist.

So there you are with a complete hand care manicure of your hands sitting at home in just few minutes.


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