Manicure For Those Beautiful Hands!

Beautiful HandsAfter your routine week days work you are hardly left with little time during the week end for your self.

You may not be in a position to go to the beauty clinic and get your hands and legs perfectly done reason being you cannot effort to spare so much time out of your precious week ends.

You may also be hesitant to spend so much money too. So all you need is a perfect guideline to follow for a perfect hand care or in other words manicure just sitting at home.

Now you are very eager to know how you can do the most effective manicure at home. Let’s do it right away!

Wondering what manicure means! This has derived its name from the Latin word manus meaning hands and cura meaning care. Thus manicure forms type of hand care. Manicure can really make your hands much more beautiful then they are.

This is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the hands and finger nails available for both men and women. Apart from the standard manicure the other special types are oil manicure and the French manicure.

You can do this standard manicure conveniently at home for those good looking hands. Just follow these simple steps given below and you’ll find the perfect hand care technique for your hands.

First of all remove your older nail polish and then file your nails. Shaping of nails should be according to your fingers size and length.

Next, soak your hands in the soapy water, for 2 minutes. After this slightly try to press back the cuticles with your towel. You can use pumice stone to slightly rub your hands with that soapy layer on them to get rid of dirt. To remove any soap deposit, wipe your nails again with nail polish remover.

Applying the base coat will help your nails from yellowing due to the chemical products present in the nail polish. Some base coats even strengthen your nails. These are nothing but transparent nail polishes.

Now start applying the nail polish of desired color, first apply a single coat and next allow it to dry completely before applying the another coat. This will help your nail polish to stay longer. Keep in mind that more than 2 coats will give a weird look and spoil the overall effect.

Finally, when the polish is completely dry, massage the coconut oil or almond oil or
olive oil into your hands up to the wrist. Fingers are very delicate and always should be moisturized.

Pictures on Nails! Various treatments to real nails, such as filing, polishing, and painting can also be applied by the manicurist. Your nails can even look more attractive by painting pictures or designs on the nails or applying small decals or imitation jewels giving them that overall fancy look. Many beauty clinics provide you various services for nails some of them being the application of artificial nail gels, artificial nails such as nail tips and acrylics.

License! Yes, this is a must in some areas where manicurists are regulated and must be licensed. This regulation is because your skin is sometimes being trimmed and manipulated and high chances of infection are possible to take place. Therefore all the manicure centers need to have a good sanitary atmosphere and all the tools used for manicure need to be properly sterilized.

Another type of manicure available is the hot oil manicure which cleans and neatens the cuticles and softens them with oil. More often used for men as it suits them best than any other type of manicures.

So there you are with a complete hand care manicure of your hands sitting at home in just few minutes. Enjoy your all new beautiful hands!


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