Manicure Tips To Pamper Your Hands

As they are one of the most expressive features of women, hands and fingernails need to be pampered regularly.

While many women spend hours on their hair and skin, they often overlook their hands.

The trick is to keep them moisturized and looking their best, while avoiding common pitfalls.

Follow these simple tips to perform a home manicure. Remember to always keep your nails clean and dry to prevent accumulation of bacteria and other nail infections:

  • Most people cut the nails from side to side using an emery board and cut the nails deeply from the right and left corners. However, if you do this, your nails are more prone to get split and worn out. Instead, you should use the board from the left to the centre by sawing back and forth a few times.
  • Always use a metal file for your nails to get the right texture and a smooth layer on the surface.
  • Don’t neglect the cuticular part, as it can cause hanging nails. Try to eliminate the hard cuticular part with oil after taking a bath.
  • Gently push the hard cuticles back with a cloth and don’t nip away or squeeze at the cuticle, as it can lead to infection.
  • Remove your old nail polish with a nail polish remover, before you start your manicure process. Ensure you always use very little amounts of remover to prevent your nails and cuticles from drying out.
  • Use a strong base coat as a first lace for your nails, before you apply new nail polish. If you apply nail polish on bare nails, they tend to dry quickly. In addition, if you apply dark shades, it will turn yellow quickly.
  • Replace your nail polish every five days because too many coats can cause dehydration. As a result, the top layer of your nails will vanish gradually.


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