Money Saving Tips for a Spa Session

There are many things in life that people consider to be important, but still in the end everything seems to come down to money. The truth is that we like to pamper and spoil ourselves, but because this also represents a cost, it gets to the bottom of our to-do-list.

People prefer to spend their money on useful things, but still there are some ways through which you might squeeze in a little pampering and make sure that this won’t make you go bankrupt.

spaOne of the best ways is to gather information. There are numerous websites, such as that have in their databases thousands of spas and on the website you will see the special offers.

You might be lucky and you could find some treatments at half of their price. Also there are some gift certificates that you might get and in this case you might get some special offers.

Besides SpaFinder there are also some other sites that handle spa offers, such as Groupon, Lifebooker and LivingSocial.

You should enter your email on these sites and you will get a deal alert in case a new deal appears at a spa in your area. There are some deals that are available for only a day, but their majority is available for a month or even a year.

Although the deals might seem really tempting, you shouldn’t abuse of them and don’t spend too much money on spa visits.

It is a well known practice of the spas to offer you some extra treatments while being there. Although the naïve guests might think that this is a gift from the spa, they will be surprised when they see an extra $50 on their bill.

You shouldn’t accept upgrades during your service and it might be a good idea to confirm the details of your service before entering the treatment room.

In case you have some girlfriends who would also like to visit a spa, you might get a group booking and in this case the majority of the spas offer a discount.

You should check for offers of this kind at your spa. Also it could be a good idea to get a couple’s massage with a friend, which costs less than a regular massage.

There might be also some perks that you get with the service that you choose. For example in case of a facial you might also receive a free manicure.


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