Cute and Juicy Nail Art for Spring 2011

As spring arrives, it seems like everything in the nature comes alive, and so do the new collections of the most well known designers.

You might have seen that the new lines are filled with color, and this is why you should make sure that your manicure follows the same trend.

It is time to forget about the neutral colors used during the winter and to opt for bold colors, combinations and patterns that will make sure you and the manicure you are wearing won’t go unnoticed.


Get ready to experiment and choose some of the hottest colors of this season: neon, candy and the all the bright colors.

It doesn’t matter whether you have natural nails or acrylic ones, you should make sure that your manicure comes alive with the newest models. The beginner nail artists seem to be lucky this season, because with simple patterns they might create A-list manicures.

Some of the patterns that are most used in this spring are the dots. You might opt to have polka dots on a bright colored background, and voila, there you have the most fashionable manicure possible.


There are some other easy patterns also that you might use, like stripes and lines. Nothing is easier to do, but whatever you choose, be sure to make it wild.

Animal patterns are also popular, and you might try to reproduce the leopard patterns or the tiger patterns, but it is a rule that you have to use vivid colors.

Regarding animals you might also think about little paw prints. You could get a bigger paw print on your nails, or several smaller ones.


If you happen to like pink and red, then you can be sure that the strawberry pattern is simply perfect for you. It is possible that you will need skill to get this pattern right, but you can be sure that if you exercise, you will succeed in the end.

It will be easy to create those little black seeds, but the leaves might turn out to be quite tricky for beginners.

We shouldn’t forget about French manicure either in this season. Naturally there must be a spin about it otherwise it would be way too simple for this period. You might create the same style with different colors, usually combining them.

In order to make your manicure look simply gorgeous, you might consider using glitters, rhinestones and some nail art, such as small white flowers.


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