Taking Care Of Nails And Avoiding Serious Infections

nail careEveryone has been guilty at one time or another of using a fingernail to remove a price sticker or remove a staple that joins a bunch of papers together. They are a useful tool at our disposal at all times.

If you were to look at them under a microscope the story would be very different and we would realize just how bad this is for the healthy function of the nails.

As well as a multitude of small breaks and tiny chips the biggest risk we take is introducing bacteria which lead to infection.

Most infections of the nail are fungal and notoriously difficult to eliminate. The most obvious sign are yellow nails which eventually turn brown and sometimes even black.

Women in particular who always wear nail polish will hardly notice such infections as they are constantly hidden. Nail polish itself is not good for the nails so it should be removed thoroughly between applications. Health is much more important than being a victim of fashion and the current new color trend.

Artificial nails need to be treated with caution, here too infections can be hidden away under layers of glue, and the chemicals that are contained in these various adhesives that are used in the industry are by their nature very strong.

Great care should be taken and the health implication considered before going down this route that promises beautiful healthy nails but at a cost.

Never attempt to fix artificial nails yourself, always consult a professional technician as the risk of infection can be very high. Always get cuts and scratches checked out rather than just sticking over a band-aid.

The best way to keep your nails looking beautiful and in tip top condition is cleaning. Trim them on a regular basis and do not let them get too long, this will prevent dirt getting trapped.

Get into the habit of using gloves for as many activities as possible which will not only protect your nails but also your hands.

You should apply exactly the same routine to your toe nails which are even more prone to fungal infections. After a long day stuck inside tight fitting shoes and sticky socks make sure they are allowed to breathe without anything but fresh air. Use a good deodorant and check for early signs of infection.

As with most things a well balanced diet combined with a regular exercise routine will also benefit your nails and the consumption of plenty of protein will promote strong healthy bones as well as nails.


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