Tips For Lovely, Healthy Nails

Nail careIf you want nails look good and are healthy to boot, follow some of our simple tips for lovely, healthy nails:

  • Your nails may have evolved originally as weapon of defense or offence and as a rudimentary tool to pick apart and pry open things, however try not to use your nails for all of this stuff. Protect them from the damage that can occur from this.
  • Don’t cut or bite the cuticle. It can cause infection and also damage the nail bed in some cases. Sometimes when you go for a manicure the salon attendant may use a special implement to trim your cuticles, which does admittedly give a neater, cleaner look, but which can come at a cost: it can cause infection as well so may be best avoided.
  • When you go for a nail manicure, ensure that the tools and implements used in the salon are clean and sterilized failing which there are many infections that can spread from other customers or from technicians to you.
  • Also it goes without saying that you should save your nails from the kind of abuse that comes from biting.
  • Feed your nails appropriately: zinc and calcium are good for the nails so eat a diet that is rich in these nutrients. Increase protein intake and fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish and eggs in your diet. Apples, asparagus, brown rice, cucumbers, garlic, grapes, liver, nuts, onions, salmon, seeds, soy, tuna and whole grains are all good for you and for your nails as well.
  • Lower consumption of saturated fats and also cut down on sugar and alcohol.
  • Keep nails short and neat and if you have a chipped nail, don’t ‘tear’ it off, rather clip it off.
  • Moisturize your nails, to keep them from becoming brittle and prone to breakage.
  • Acetone, which is what most nail polish removers are made of, dries out the nails, so use remover sparingly, don’t drench your nails in it; rather use a small amount on bit of cotton wool. Also don’t use it more than twice a month.
  • Avoid artificial nails; the kind you stick on to your real nails. They may look good for a while, but they can result in fungal infection and destruction of the underlying nail.

Take care of these few things and you can enjoy pretty hands and lovely nails. While it may not immediately transform you into a hand model, your nails won’t at least be an eyesore!


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