Nail Polish Trends Spring 2012 – From Catwalk to Celebrities

Women have to think about so many aspects of beauty that sometimes it could all get somewhat overwhelming. One of the aspects that they have to be thinking about is their nail polish and let’s not forget that every season comes with its own trends.


Nail-Polish-Trends-Spring-2012If you aren’t into nudes, the lilac hues are just great to replace them. The shade called Lovely Lavender is just perfect in case of the interviews because it is understated but at the same time it makes it possible for you to have some color.

Special effects

Instead of applying a sheer layer of transparent nail polish you should opt for something that spices up your manicure in a minute but still doesn’t really affect the color that you have chosen. One of the options that you have in this matter is China Glaze.


The magnetic polishes really work like magic. They are filled with metallic particles that move around if they are exposed to magnetic fields.

This means that you can have something sophisticated for work and something super crazy for a night out, depending on how long you expose the nail polish to the effects of the magnetic cap. All you have to do is to move the magnet around.


There is almost no situation when you can’t have this bright and daring color (except for an interview).

If you are one of the girls who like to wear red on their nails, you may want to consider switching for this lively color. Just take a look at Katie Price.


In case you aren’t afraid of people noticing you, then this is the color for you. Naturally it works best for the informal events, such as a day by the poolside. If you aren’t daring enough to try the trends on your fingernails, maybe you would be OK with trying it on your toes. Wear it just like Rihanna and Katy Perry.


Look for the polish stickers that are one of the hottest things of the moment.


The best thing about this color is that it is lighthearted, flirty and fun. You can wear it just anywhere, including shopping and a night out with the girls. Lauren Conrad also rocks this trend.

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