What Exactly Makes the No No Hair Removal Effective?

You might have heard about the no no hair removal system and there are numerous reviews available on the internet, but their majority fails to answer some of the most important questions: how much hair it removes, when do the results start to show and how long the results last for.

Recently there has been a new model introduced that gained a lot of popularity very fast, both among the usual customers and also the professionals.

No No Hair Removal

How effective is the no no system for hair removal?

There are some people who can talk from their personal experience. As an example there is a customer that has been using the system for 7 months and she is more than happy with it.

One of the best features of the no no system for hair removal is that it has a really affordable price, making it a possible choice for a large number of people.

According to her experience, she has been using the no no hair removal system three times a week for 3 months, and then in the 4th month she decreased the number of uses to once a week. Then in the 5thmonth she stopped using the system and the results that she got were truly remarkable.

According to her, due to the no no system for hair removal she didn’t experience any hair re-growth for five weeks. Then when the hair started to re-grow, it has been a lot thinner than before and it was easily removed through a new no no hair treatment.

Why is this system different from all the others?

It is said that the secret lies in the use of the Thermicon technology. This is newly introduced and it is different from all the other technologies because it doesn’t target the melanin found in the hair root, like the laser treatments do.

Because of this the no no system for hair removal could be used by people with grey, blonde or red hair. Even in case they have a dark skin tone or they are tanned there is no danger of the user hurting himself.

According to the official information, in case the no no hair removal system is continuously used, there will be a decline in hair re-growth that goes on for about 7-12 weeks. Every time the hair grows back all you will have to do is to use the system again, and there will be no hair left.

The so-called follow-up treatments last for only about 15 minutes and after you have been applying the treatment for 2-3 months, the follow-up treatment needs to be done only monthly or bi-monthly. There will be no more need for shaving, waxing or other procedures and the no no system for hair removal will help you get rid of all the unwanted hair.

For a small financial sacrifice you can have the no no hair removal system for home use and there are no other related costs to go with it.


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