Oscar Beauty – Who Shined the Most?

When it comes to the Oscars, it isn’t just the movies but also clothes hair and makeup that people focus on. This is why celebrities spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect style to choose. They know that people will be talking about them for months.


Milla Jovovich

Although on screen she usually is a though girl, when it comes to the awards we can see her softer side. For the Oscars, she was totally ladylike with her soft updo and flawless makeup and to add to it, she was wearing bright red lipstick!

Berenice Bejo

It has her hairstyle that really got people talking. It’s not because it was scandalous, but because it was elegant and feminine, just perfect for an event of this kind. The red color that she chose and the braided style were quite brave, but she totally rocked.

Viola Davis

The actress is best known for the fact that she has short hair and that she doesn’t use relaxers, so it is really curly. Due to her hairstyle and the green eye-makeup that she chose she quickly become the star of the night, and the entire world is talking about her.

Rooney Mara

The blunt bangs, red lipstick and bright blush all give people the feeling that there is something Minnie Mouse-ish about her.

Michelle Williams

It is a well-known fact that the actress had the pixie hairstyle for a long time, but still she managed to surprise people with it. This time she changed the color to blonde, but exactly like you would have expected, she had the same quiet style.

Kate Mara

Unlike her sister, Rooney, the beauty of Kate seems effortless and natural. There is no bright lipstick or shocking hairstyle. It looks like she is more of the romantic type.

Glenn Close

This time there were no Dalmatians, but she looked amazing. After all these years she is able to carry off the hairstyle and makeup and she still grabs the attention of people. There are some celebrities who could really learn something about taste and style from her.


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