Pedicure For Your Beautiful Feet!

Among all your body parts, the most strained are the legs. Unfortunately these are the much neglected ones too.

You should pretty well know that if you neglect your feet, meaning not giving a proper attention and care to your feet then you will be giving way to several skin and feet problems like corns and bunions, cracks, infections and ingrown nails.

So get a proper pedicure done frequently as and when required.

Let’s see how you can avoid such feet problems with so little effort from your side by complete foot care through pedicure. All you need to do is follow few steps and some precautionary measures.Pedicure

Apart from the standard pedicure methods available you can also follow some real good tips to give your feet that beautiful neat look. All you need to do is just massage your feet gently every night with oil.

By this your feet will not only feel relaxed but also get a smooth finishing touch. In winter warm oil can be used with sesame or mustard oil. In summer coconut oil provides a cooling effect.

Remember not only are the nails on your hands important but also on your feet. As you beautify your nails on hands you can do so for nails on feet too. Remember a simple pedicure will serve the purpose. Given below are the steps to follow for the most convenient home pedicure.

First and foremost step in pedicure is remove old nail polish on your toe nails completely.

Next, soak your feet in the soapy water, for 2 minutes. Add bath salts, aromatherapy oils or Epsom salts and let your feet soak for two minutes. Remember the more horrible and dirty your feet are keep them soaked so much longer.

Slightly putting pressure on your feet massage them with an exfoliating body or foot scrub and a foot file or wet pumice stone this will surely remove all the dirt accumulated on the heels and balls of your feet. As mentioned this process should be done very smoothly and should be stopped immediately if your feet start turning bright red.

Press back the cuticles, very gently with your towel. Rub the feet and rehydrate cuticles by rubbing a little cuticle oil. These are supposed to be very delicate and should be moisturized. To remove any soap deposit, wipe your nails again with nail polish remover. Dry your feet thoroughly including between the toes and apply nourishing foot cream.

Apply a base coat, beginning from the bottom. The chemical products of the nail polish which prevent your nails from turning yellow and also act as strengtheners are the Base coats which are generally transparent.

After it has dried completely now apply nail polish. Just apply 2 coats only to get that good look, remember to allow the first coat to dry well before applying the second one. More than 2coats of nail polish will spoil the entire look.

Finally when the polish is completely dry, massage your feet with any oil of your choice either the coconut oil or almond oil or olive oil. Check out for your feet to be completely dry before you start wearing your shoes. Take Care!


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