Perfect Manicure in 5 Minutes

We all know that our nails are just like calling cards: you may know what kind of person you are dealing with based on the nails.

This is why we would all like to have nice nails, but it can be difficult to find the time to take care of your manicure. In spite of that, you can get your nails done even if you have only little time.

Perfect-ManicureStart with gathering the supplies that you need. This way you will be able to work faster.The best solution is to have a manicure bag that has everything that you might need, such as nail clippers, cuticle remover, paper towel, favorite nail colors, cuticle oil, nail file, cuticle stick, base coat and clear top coat.

Once you are done with the supplies, grab a small bowl and fill it with warm water.

Shape the nails

The first thing that you need to do is to clip the nails to the desired shape and length. When you are done with this you should file the nails to get rid of the scratchy edges.

To prevent the nails from chipping, you should file them up and towards the center. All this should take about 45 seconds.

Softening the cuticles

Dip the nails in warm water for about a half of minute. Then remove them from the water and dry them with the paper towel. While the cuticles are still moist, apply the cuticle remover according to the directions found on the bottle and using the cuticle stick, lightly press back each cuticle.

You should be careful not to press too hard so that you won’t damage them. The time allocated for all this is of about 45 seconds.

Applying the base

The base is very important to keep the nails healthy and also to help the nail polish adhere so that yourmanicure will last longer. Also this way the nail polish could be applied more smoothly. You should be done with the base coat in about 90 seconds.

Color, color, color

In case you don’t have a lot of time for your manicure, you should apply a single coat of nail polish. It is a good idea to opt for a light color because it is easier to hide the imperfections this way. In case you would like to achieve a professional looking manicure, you should apply several coats, but allow each of them to dry before applying the next one.

Time for topping

Once the nail polish has dried on the nails, you should apply the top coat. This will help you seal the color and chipping won’t occur that fast either. This will save you time in the future, because the manicure will last longer.

In case you still have some time left, you could also apply the cuticle oil to help them stay moisturized and healthy. Also if you have more time and you would like to have nice nails, there is an extra step that you could add to the process: buffing.


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