6 Common Myths about Piercing

Not just fashion, but body piercing has become obsession for many people and even though there are numerous myths related to body piercing, fashion conscious men and women are seen to be equally excited about this art.

Even twenty years back, you would have thought for a second time to go for the daring act of getting a third hole done on the top of your ear, lips or tongue but today this tribal art is seeing growing popularity. There are many unknown facts and myths related to body piercing; here is a list of facts that should be known before you go ahead for this venture.

common myths about piercingYou will not be Able to Breast Feed if you do Nipple Piercing

Truth – This is not the truth; nipple has numerous milk ducts and when you pierce on the nipple only few of them gets damaged not all. Thus, you can easily go for breast feeding even if you have pierced your nipple. However, doctors strictly recommend removing your jewellery before you are breast feeding your child as it might cause a hindrance or the baby can also get hurt.

Oral Piercings can Cause Infections

Truth – This is a very common fear, but if your piercing is done by a professional and the aftercare instructions are followed meticulously there is no chance of any infections. Always use body-safe jewellery to prevent infections due to piercings. Tongue and mouth piercings are considered to be slightly sensitive as you take in food and beverages; be careful in this regard and avoid alcohol during the healing process so that irritation is not caused at the site. Most piercings heal within few weeks without any infections.

Belly Piercing is Strongly a NO During Pregnancy

Truth – Belly piercing itself does not cause any harm to your pregnancy; but care must be taken while you are choosing the jewellery as some of the rings and other kinds of jewelleries cause discomfort during pregnancy, thus you should choose soft jewellery or navel retainers to use during pregnancy.

Too Many Piercings Lead to Allergies

Truth – Piercings do not cause any allergies, rather the wrong jewelleries do cause allergies. Proper jewellery and professional piercing is very important to avoid such hassles. Choose the body safe materials only when you are buying the jewelleries; some of those are high quality surgical steel, titanium, and niobium. Some other materials that are little more costly like 14k nickel-free gold are safe for sensitive users. It does not really matter how many piercings you do, it will not cause any allergy until the jewellery material is safe.

Gun Piercings are the Best and Safest Option

Truth – Gun piercing is undoubtedly a quick option for body piercing but it cannot be called the safe way. Gun piercing causes damage to your body and most of the professionals avoid this option. It enhances the chances of infections and also can damage the tissues.

Keep Rotating your Body Jewellery During the Healing Process

Truth – This is a very old saying but it does not really help you in any way. During the healing process, do not rotate your jewellery as it might make the gentle healing process painful and never let it dry. It might damage the tissues and also accumulate dirt in the hold. If you really want to help the piercing heal faster, clean it regularly with saline solution and let it be as it is.

There are many more myths related to body piercings like body jewellery sets off metal detectors – it actually depends on the jewellery material; go for non magnetic jewellery or the ones that do not have metals. It’s said that tongue piercing can spoil your taste buds, which is absolutely untrue as there are numerous taste buds that are constantly re-growing and piercing does not damage all of them.


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