How To Enjoy Piercings Without Infections?

Body piercings, though around for centuries, is hotter than ever right now.

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you have to admit that there is something sexy about a bellybutton piercing and maybe even something intriguing about a piercing of the tongue or the nether regions!

The not-so-sexy thing about body piercings is the infections that can sometimes accompany them if you’re not careful.

This doesn’t mean that you have to skip out on getting a piercing though if that’s what you crave! All you need are a few simple tips to help you avoid piercing infections.body piercing

Choose a Reputable Shop

With the surge in piercing and body art popularity there have been an increased number of shops and salons offering body piercings popping up all over the place.

Sure a little competition can be great for keeping prices down, but then again, this is so NOT the time to be frugal!

Do your homework, shop around and get referrals before choosing the place that you’ll go to for your piercing.

Make sure that the place is clean and that the employees are experienced and properly trained. You don’t want just anyone putting a hole in your body after all!

Do As You’re Told

Once you’ve chosen a real body piercing professional to do your piercing you want to be sure to follow their instructions on how to care for your piercing.

It may be hard to listen when you’re distracted by a mix of elation and pain but listening could be the difference between having your piercing heal sooner to enjoy as opposed to winding up in the ER with a nasty infection.

The one that most people have trouble with is keeping in the original piercing for the suggested amount of time.

Sure, you’re probably just itching to put in that cool rod or pretty butterfly ring and get rid of the basic bar or ring that is standard with a new piercing, but there is a reason why you’ve been started off with that and you really do need the time to heal before you start pulling things in and out of you and experimenting with new looks!

They speak from experience and training so heed what they say and do as you’re told.

Keep It Clean

It doesn’t matter where you get your body piercing; you need to do your absolute best to keep it as clean as possible without irritating it further while it’s healing. You will likely be given a solution to use to help disinfect and clean your piercing.

Aside from that, just being diligent about washing your hands before you touch the area can make a huge difference. You should visit the doctor if you experience any symptoms that seem unusual or painful. Signs of infection can include heat, pain, and irritation and even cause fever, nausea and other symptoms.


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