Most Popular Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing can be an exciting body adornment that people have practiced since time immemorial. Whereas earlier it used to be superstition – pierce your ears because that is where the demons get inside your head – or perceived health benefits – in parts of India it was thought that ear piercing is good for health and can reduce birthing pains – now people get it done for other reasons.

body-piercingBody piercing often stands for rebellion and nonconformity – they can be a bid to look different or – or people sometimes simply think they look cool and decide to get them for that.

Before you decide on the kind of jewelry that you will use for your piercing, you have to make sure that you get the procedure performed by an expert who uses sterile instruments and has sufficient experience.

Also make sure you know everything about the procedure, the risk involved for the particular site you have in mind. And rule out any reasons that may preclude a piercing (certain health conditions such as hemophilia, heart conditions, skin conditions, if you are pregnant, dental problems- if you are considering an oral piercing or any other reason).

Material to be used for the piercing:

The best substance to use for body piercing jewelry is implant grade stainless steel. This will be least likely to cause any kind of reaction or rejection by the body or any infection.

If you want to use a more precious metal, you could use Gold which is at least of 18 carat purity – it should be solid gold and not gold plated, since the plating will quickly wear away.

Even white gold may produce an allergic reaction amongst some people. You could also use Niobium or Titanium. Silver is best avoided particularly for oral piercings, because it is very prone to oxidation. If one is allergic to metal, Nylon or Teflon may also be used.

A number of different kinds of piercing jewelry can be used:

  • For the tongue, when the piercing is first done, a longer bar is used, which is then shortened in length when healing is complete
  • Ring jewelry can be used for the ears, the nose, and the lips as well as for the navel. It is measured by the diameter of the ring.
  • Jewelry can be selected based on the gauge or thickness – it is best that no gauge thicker than 14 should be used for any piercing below the neck so that there is no fear of a reaction or the jewelry cutting into the skin


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