Best Ways to Clean Body Piercing

So you have overcome the fear and got yourself pierced. Congratulations! Now you need to take gentle care of that piercing and keep it clean to avoid infections and help it to heal properly. Both the pierced part of the body as well as the jewellery that you are using to adorn the piercing, should be kept clean. Clean your new piercing at least 2-3 times a day. Follow the steps below to keep your piercing clean and germ free.

Clean Body Piercing

You will need:-

  • Sterile solution (should not contain additives)/ OR non-iodized sea salt ¼ tsp dissolved in a cup of distilled water.
  • Mild liquid anti germicidal soap
  • Sterile gauze

Method of Cleaning

  • Before cleaning the pierced area, wash your hands thoroughly with anti-germicidal or anti-microbial soap.
  • Soak the pierced area with saline solution at least for 5-10 minutes twice a day. For this, depending on the area of your piercing, you may do one of the two things.
    • If the pierced part is such that you can invert a cup to create a vacuum there, then fill up a cup with lukewarm saline or sea salt solution and invert this cup over the pierced area creating a vacuum.
    • For areas which cannot hold an inverted cup, soak a clean gauze with the saline solution and place it on the area pierced for about 5-10 minutes twice a day.
  • Rinse off afterwards to remove any residue.
  •  Take care not to soap the pierced part too many times. While bathing work up a lather using a pea sized drop of liquid soap to clean the piercing and the jewellery. Wash out in not more than thirty seconds.
  • Be sure to wash out the last traces of soap from the piercing and jewellery.
  • It is better to take a shower instead of soaking up in a bathtub during the healing process as there might be bacteria in bathtub.
  • Pat the pierced area dry with a paper towel or gauze. Try not to use bath towels on pierced area as it may have bacteria and the towel may catch on the jewellery and cause a pull.

What you should not do

  • You do not need to rotate the jewellery during the healing.
  • Do not clean with medications like Betadine or Hibiciens or even alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Do not use very harsh soaps on pierced area.
  • Do not put ointment as these stop air circulation to the pierced area and slows the healing process.
  • Too much of cleaning is as bad as no cleaning, so stick to twice a day.
  • Avoid injuries on the pierced parts due to pulls or friction on clothing etc
  • Try reducing your intake of alcohol, nicotine and keep stress in check.
  • Do not submerge pierced body parts in places which have a possibility of being unhygienic like lakes, pools, bathtubs etc. Do not use beauty care products on the pierced parts.


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