Placenta Collagen Beauty Mask: The Controversial Beauty Treatment

Before you say that the placenta collagen rejuvenating mask is disgusting, you should know all the things that it has to offer. Also consider that in the majority of the cases, this placenta is made of plants. In short, this kind of therapy uses stem cell therapy in order to promote cell regeneration and ‘turn back the hands of time’ so that the users will have a youthful appearance again.


It has been considered to be one of the biggest secrets of Hollywood until people started to talk about it openly. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony openly admitted having stem facial masks as part of the beauty routine.

Plants vs. embryos

Placenta-Collagen-BeautyThe vegetal placenta can be found in the middle of the buds and they are helping the plants to actually grow. It is the embryonic stage that the vegetal placenta is harvested from the plants.

There are a lot of people who don’t know about the regenerating effects of the stem cells of plants, and you should also know that they are rich in growth hormones that improve the function of cells.

Nonetheless, as you may have thought, there are also some kinds of placenta therapies that are using stem cells from animals, like cows or sheep, or even human donors.

Why is the treatment so special?

The therapy isn’t interesting only because it is using stem cell therapy, but because it got people wondering about the donors of the cells. On the other hand it is the people who have revealed using this kind of therapy and who are willing to pay large sums of money for it. This way they are hoping to get young, healthy and fresh looking skin.

Since the celebrities started talking about the method, it looks like they have opened new opportunities regarding cosmetology and aesthetics, offering a new skin rejuvenator.

There are numerous celebrity divas such as Reese Witherspoon, Jacqueline Bisset and Madonna and if we take a look at them we might say that the therapy seems to be working. Since they admitted using the method the therapy has started to become better understood by regular people and more and more of them are accepting it as a way of rejuvenation.

In case you are also thinking about it, you should know that it is a quite expensive therapy compared to the other known methods of this kind.


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