Reasons Which Make Your Body Odor Unpleasant And Uncomfortable!

The most beautiful person can turn off people if she suffers from body odor.

The body odor is the result of perspiration and sweat which causes bacteria to multiply and give bad odor.

Maintaining personal hygiene and using anti-odor products can control body odor.

Underarm odor! Underarm odor occurs due to the skin bacteria action on the secretions of the apocrine sweat glands, which are abundant in this area.Body Odor

The odor is also caused due to infections, spicy foods, metabolic problems or drugs.

Controlling this problem can be achieved through cleanliness. The bacteria present underarm can be reduced by removing hair. Wear clean and cotton clothes.

For mild body odor, deodorant helps. Most deodorants help to kill the bacteria that are waiting to feed on your sweat. You can use deodorants but they cannot replace body hygiene.

Excessive perspiration! Some people get excessive perspiration than others. Your body contains millions of sweat glands. Sweating is one of skin’s protective devices.

All the wastes and toxins are thrown out by skin through sweat. To get rid of odors of perspiration, soap and water can be used.

The sweat glands are sealed by the anti-perspirants and therefore perspiration cannot escape. So there are no odors. For excessive sweating, use a good anti-perspirant.

If you have tried deodorants and antiperspirants and found that they irritate your skin, wash your sweaty areas with an antibacterial soap such as chlorhexidine or applying over-the-counter antibiotic ointment.

Emotions! Anxiety, excitement and anger also increase production of sweat. Maintain the stressful conditions to minimize the sweating.

Foods that make your body odor unpleasant! The number one cause of bad body odor is red meat. It causes stagnation in the body. It releases all types of toxins into the blood stream through the large intestine.

A person who consumes large quantity of red meat regularly tends to have stronger body odor than those who do not consume.

Manufactured foods which are lacking fiber content such as added sugars, refined white flour, hydrogenated oils, and other processed ingredients are real culprits.

When you eliminate these foods from your diet and follow a healthy diet of whole grains, leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, sprouts, soy products, nuts and seeds, your body odor will disappear within few weeks.

Dietary imbalances which results in constipation or a deficiency of zinc or magnesium are other causes of body odor. Foods like garlic, onion, spicy foods, coffee and alcohol are also important causes.

Bath regularly to remove bacteria from skin, especially the armpits and groin area where the bacteria are mostly present. Scrub the armpits as it will work better to remove bacteria than just soap in your hands. Once you follow cleanliness, you can get rid of unpleasant body odor.


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