Smart Advice For A Tight Tummy

In today’s fast-paced world getting that flat, tight, tummy can be done in a breath. You no longer need to spend hours at the gym sculpting your abs.

Instead of lifting your legs up to do that one last crunch, just put your feet up and relax at your local spa.

Several spas offer detoxifying massages that can help break down fats that are stored in your tummy. You will leave with a firmer stomach without the soreness that the gym offers.

Another alternative that women use is cellulite creams. Women use this on their bellies to give it a tighter look with great results.Tight Tummy

The main ingredient of many cellulite creams is caffeine, which increases blood flow to the skin, helping to tighten your skin, giving you that taut tummy.

Another method that is used for tightening up a flabby tummy is breathing exercises. Breathing can help strengthen your stomach only if you breathe using your abdominal muscles, rather than using your chest.

This brings us to posture. When you want to look as if you have a tight frame, posture is important.

Remember what your mom was always telling you as a child, ‘Don’t slouch!”. Slouching causes your tummy to pouch out, giving you the dreaded “muffin top” look that no one wants.

Stand or sit up straight and hold your tummy in. This not only makes you look like you have a tight trunk but it also helps to work out your stomach. So, until you can call a trainer to help you get that tummy you want, use these tips to make you look as if you already have a tight, flat belly.

One way to look as if you have a tight tummy is to use fabric to fabricate it. Not knowing what to buy not only helps make you look frumpy but it ages you too.

Unflattering clothes makes a person look older than they really are as well as make them appear fatter.

On the other hand, good clothes can make you look fresh, young, and slim. For women, the next time you are out shopping for clothes keep an eye out for dresses and blouses that use patterns or belt to cut into the waist.

This makes the eye believe that you have a smaller waist. Avoid baby-doll dresses that balloon out making you look as if you have a huge belly. Men should not wear clothes that are too loose and ill-fitting or clothes that are too tight around the waist.

There is a secret that both models and celebrities use to make them look like they have strong, tight tummies. If you want to look great at the beach, try drawing on your abs! That’s right, the secret to looking fit and sexy is getting abs airbrushed on. Both men and women use this technique to get sculpted abs in very little time.

It literally makes you look as if you’ve spent your life at the gym when in reality you’ve just visited your local tanning salon for the day. Stars have it done so that they look great for their movie scenes or their photo shoots, and no one knows the difference.


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