Smile To Prevent Laugh Lines

Remember the time when you didn’t care what you used on your face, you and your sister, cousin or friend used to play around with make up like little dolls?

Now you look in the mirror and see fine lines appearing along the corners of your mouth, some will extend from your mouth to the corners of your nose.

Smile To Prevent Laugh Lines

Tiny lines are also beginning to show from above or between your brows, the corners of your eyes extending to your temple and the sides of your chin.

You and your girlfriend no longer talk about your boyfriends and your dates; you now share secrets on how to keep your youth, the anti-ageing soaps and creams you use.

The ageing process is caused by several factors like your genetic makeup and bone structure, the amount of damage to the elastic fibers in your facial skin as a result of sun exposure, poor nutrition and lifestyle, lack of sleep and smoking.

Now after 35 years, time has taken its course and it is now registered on your face. No need to panic though, as time and ageing is really irreversible.You definitely cannot hide everything but you can delay the process a bit. Here’s how:

  • Avoid expressions like frowning, scowling or squinting; instead smile more as it will keep you looking more radiant.
  • Always wear a moisturizer, get one with high glycolic acid content as this will help erase the fine lines and hydrate your skin.
  • Always wear protection from a sunscreen, the higher the SPF the better.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol as these speeds up your ageing.
  • Have a regular skin care regimen that will cleanse, hydrate, tone, moisturize and protect your skin.
  • Remember, when cleaning or applying anything to your face use upward and outward motion using the lightest possible pressure.
  • The most effective approach is to treat the problem of skin ageing from within by eating a balanced diet with more vegetables and fruits, take some vitamins, exercise regularly and have enough rest and sleep, and use only high quality skincare products.

These may not keep your youthful look but will surely make you age slowly and gracefully.


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