Galvanic Spa – What, Why and How?

Each year people spend billions on beauty products for a refined, glowing skin – but, a major fraction of the essential elements in those products are prevented from being absorbed by skin’s natural protective layer, thus diminishing their effectiveness. Galvanic spa treatments bring good news here with the aid of galvanic machine, which involves using of mild electric currents for enhancing and revitalizing body and facial skin, thus increasing skin’s performance to assimilate beauty treatments. Previously used only at spas, manufacturers have also come with their made-at-home counterparts with their increasing popularity.


What is galvanic Spa?

The term’ Galvanic’ derives its name from Luigi Galvani, an Italian scientist, whose experiment with electric current to twitch the legs of a frog created revolution and impelled other scientists to carry on similar experiment.

In the beauty industry, galvanic treatments have been in use since 1970s and earlier, mostly in Europe, but lately the popularity is riding high in the United States as well.

What does it do?

Galvanic spa treatments, popularly known as non-surgical solutions are used:

  • To deep cleanse.
  • To tighten facial skin.
  • To fight the signs of early aging by specially targeting impurities, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • To treat cellulite.
  • To treat hair and scalp.

How Does It Really Work?

The basics of galvanic spa therapy aims to better skin in two steps:

  • Step 1 : Desincrustation (Cleansing ) –With the help of Galvanic machine, It involves the  application of a negatively charged  pre-treatment gel  into the skin to deep clean the pores, after which the pre-treatment gel is removed.
  • Step 2 : Iontophoresis (Nourishing) – The process requires the application of a nourishing  gel with positive charge and the use of a ‘Galvanic messenger’ to drive a combination of positive and negative ions deep into the skin.

The Galvanic messenger is a small, handheld device with a chrome base that pushes a low voltage DC current deep into the skin with a gentle pressure. The treatment  last  usually between 10 minutes to an hour and is a painless procedure .


  • Galvanic spa treatment brings life to the dull and lifeless skin by deep cleansing its impurities. It improves blood circulation and increases oxygenation of the areas treated thus counteracting complexion dullness.
  • Better absorption of the skin-care products takes place.
  • Tightens and clarifies the skin and reduces the visibility of lines and wrinkles, thus giving a fuller and younger look.
  • Participants from a clinical trial hosted by a leading skin care company were reported to get a positive result just after first session.
  • Galvanic spa treatment has shown impressive results not only in treating facial skin imbalances but also in reviving hair follicles, promoting hair growth and reducing cellulite.

The price you pay for galvanic spa depends on where you want to do it and the length of your session. At a high-end salon, be ready to pay anywhere from $60 for a 10 minute session to $600 for a lengthy session , whereas  at-home Galvanic spa is an economical alternative as various galvanic tools can be found readily in the market.


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