Garra Rufa Fish For An Unconventional Exfoliation

Garra Rufa FishUpon first mention of the use of the Garra Rufa fish at a spa, you may be surprised and uncertain. What is Garra Rufa and what does it do and how does it involve fish?

The Garra Rufa fish is the latest trend in beauty parlors around the country. It is for those who may be willing to try something a little unconventional and eccentric.

For those who have a little cash and are willing to spend it on the newest beauty technique, then Garra Rufa may be the solution.

The Garra Rufa fish, also known as the ‘Doctor Fish’, feeds on dead skin cells. Made popular in Turkish spas, these little fish nibble off the dead skin cells from the different parts of the body, leaving new skin to grow back.

It is a natural way to exfoliate the skin. This method is good for people who suffer from psoriasis and other conditions that cause dry, flaky skin, like eczema. Because the Garra Rufa fish only eats the dead skin cells there is no danger of getting an infection or other diseases.

The fish are mostly used on the feet, before a pedicure. They swim in the tub and you place your feet into it so that they can eat away your dead skin cells. Some places allow you to sit in a bigger pool and the fish will swarm around your feet and legs.

Sometimes spas will allow you to place your arms into the pool for a full body treatment. These treatments are only for temporary relief and not for a full cure of any skin disorders or ailments. The typical costs range from $25 to $35 for a fifteen minute procedure and $50 to $60 for a half hour treatment.

Having smoother skin on your feet and legs has always been something women looked for. Pedicures that use the Garra Rufa fish is the latest trend but it can be expensive.

Another thing to look for is how often the place cleans the water and how often the fish are swapped out. Because the fish only eat dead skin cells, leaving new skin to grow, there is little chance for getting an infection; however, the cleanliness of a place must be taken into consideration. This exfoliation process is natural and it works.

Women claim that there is a tickling sensation when they have used this treatment and many find that it works on them. Give it a try and see if you come out with smoother skin and softer feet.


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