Summer Beauty Tips for Women

Summer is the time for relaxation and having fun. Although you might be busy with these activities, you should remember about the summer beauty tips for women. In this period, different rules apply than during the colder seasons.

Summer Beauty Tips for Women


Lemon juice

Most probably you will spend quite some time in the sun and it might be good for your hair if you combed a bit of lemon juice in it. The strands will be lightened faster by the sun and you will have a nice summery look.


The tips for women during the summer tell you that you should condition your hair at least once a week, especially if you like to swim. This is because the soaking and drying can dry the hair out, leaving it brittle.

Leave-in conditioner

One of the best summer beauty tips for women is to apply some leave-in conditioner on the hair before you go swimming. This way you can protect your hair against seawater and chlorine.



It is fashionable during the summer to get a sun-kissed look, but don’t forget that sunbathing can dry out the skin. As one of the advice for women’s summer beauty, you should think about using a high quality bronzer that offers natural looking results.


When thinking about the summer beauty tips for women you have to make sure to always have at hand some sunscreen of at least SPF 15. This will protect your skin decreasing the risks of cancer and it can also put off the signs of aging.


Even if you have some sunscreen at hand, as the women’s summer beauty advice tell you, you could get sunburned. In this case, you should apply some aloe vera on the affected skin to soothe it and help it heal.

Less is the best

In case you are thinking about summer makeup, the best summer tips tell you to go for a natural look. You could use some light shimmering powder and avoid applying heavy foundation.

Powder bronzer

Using the powder bronzer, you can give yourself the glow that you want. Apply it on your cheeks, collarbone and shoulders.

Shiny lip gloss

To make the best of the summer beauty tips for women you shouldn’t forget about applying some shiny lip gloss. Look for the lip glosses that stay put on your lips so you won’t have to reapply often.


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