Tattoo Removal Information You Must Know

Tattoo removal is a process that is not enjoyable, inexpensive nor easy. If you want to get rid of unwanted tattoo, be prepared to experience horrible pain which may also involve scarring and infection problems.

Many tattoo removal techniques are really not that good especially those old-fashioned processes.

tattoo-removalOne example of an old fashioned tattoo removal method involves excision wherein the skin is surgically removed from the body and along with it the tattoo ink.

Sanding is another method of removing unwanted tattoo; here a device is rubbed against the skin to peel off the layer of the skin including the tattoo ink. This method is also referred to as dermabrasion and if a doctor conducts the process, it is a legitimate method.

Presently, there are only 2 tattoo removal methods which are safe, effective and are popularly used. These two methods are the rejuvi method and laser treatment. However, these treatments can be a bit costly depending on different factors involved.

Normally, the expense and the factors which affect the costing of tattoo removal using laser treatment or rejuvi are just the same. Here are the factors that determine the cost of tattoo removal using either of the two popular methods:

Age of tattoo

Older tattoos are not as always easier to take off than newer tattoos. Once the tattoo ink has moved deeper into the layers of the skin over the years, it means higher complexity in removing it and means higher costs.

The colors and the ink used

If you have a solid black ink tattoo or one with plenty of colors, then it means that you need more treatments for removing them and also more expensive.

The tattoo size

The over all size of your tattoo also is a determining factor and probably is the biggest factor when considering a tattoo removal process.

Payment terms

There are a lot of tattoo removal clinics offering discounts when you get multiple treatments instead of just getting a single removal. For instance, if you’d need 5 or more treatments for your tattoo to be completely removed, some doctors would give the fifth treatments for free if you pay for the first four in advance.

Tattoo removal prices are affected by different factors and variables so it is advisable to consult with a professional who does this kind of treatments.

Depending on the extent and size of your tattoo, you can prepare $500 to $3000 as well as almost a year of monthly treatments to completely remove your tattoo.

Pros and cons of tattoo removal

One main reason as to why people wanted to remove their tattoo is to erase something that they no longer want. Tattoos maybe removed or become unwanted as a requirement for a new job or to avoid awkward situations with a present partner when you have the name of your ex tattooed on your chest.

On the other hand, the most obvious con of tattoo removal is the pain and cost of the method or process. Rejuvi and laser treatments are the most commonly used treatments and they are also the most expensive and the painful ways of getting rid of unwanted tattoo.


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