Things You Must Know About Teeth Bleaching

The increased eagerness to look good has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry. With so many aesthetics involved, teeth cannot be ignored as they are featured prominently in one’s smile. Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is thus very popular among people looking for an overnight dazzling smile. The process is done professionally at the dentist or on the other hand, one can do it at home with the help of over-the-counter teeth whitening products.


Professional help

Traditionally teeth whitening is better left to the professionals. It means, an appointment taken well in advance, time spent waiting and then hours in the dentist’s chair. One can still opt for it if they have the time and the money to spend on a professional treatment. The dentists association claims that the results from a professional sitting are way better than the OTC kits. No doubts the result is instant since the dentists use a gel that is activated by laser to bleach teeth.

Do it at home

There are multiple options for teeth bleaching at home. One can opt for custom fit molds or a boil-and-bite tray set. They are both equally effective. The results are better if one gets a professional cleaning done before using the teeth whitening kits at home.

Custom fit molds

This ensures that the tray fits the teeth perfectly. Buy or order online the mold making kit. They will provide thermo foam to construct the mold. Once the mold is ready, one can either send it to an online dental supply store or take it to the nearest brick and mortar dental store. Expect to receive the custom tray in about three weeks.

Boil and bite molds

These are complete kits. The molds are soaked in hot water and then placed in the mouth to make a precise mold that will work as a whitening tray.


When making the teeth-bleaching mold at home be extra careful and gentle. Take care not to disturb any expensive dental work like caps, bridges or crowns when pulling out the mold. If care is not taken and if any of them are damaged, they will end up at a dentist’s office for expensive work.


The teeth-whitening tray may be left inside the mouth overnight or for a couple of hours depending on the desired results. The strength of the bleaching agent is also an important consideration to determine the duration. Read the instruction carefully for the best results.

How effective

The results of teeth bleaching will vary depending on various factors. If the teeth are discolored due to external factors like smoking, tobacco use or caffeine consumption, the results will be dazzling. If the factors are internal, due to disease, the teeth will not whiten as desired but will leave behind a gray hue.


Teeth bleaching will give good results that should be maintained. Avoid smoking, tobacco chewing and red juices and wines. Reduce coffee intake and use whitening toothpaste regularly. With proper care the teeth will retain their whiteness for longer periods.


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