How to Use Teeth Whitening Kits?

These days everybody has the possibility to get their teeth whitened even if they have a busy scheduledue to the teeth whitening kits that are available on the market. The best thing about them is that they are safe and you don’t have to worry about what you eat and drink because the stains will simply disappear.

The majority of the kits for teeth whitening come with an ingredient called carbamide peroxide that is a mild stain removing formula that penetrates the pores of the teeth enamel and so the deep stains can be also removed that cannot be removed through tooth brushing.

Teeth whitening kits

How to start using the teeth whitening kits?

The first thing that you will need to do is to create a mold of your teeth. For this place the tray in hot water and then put it in your mouth for a tooth print. Once you are done with the mold, fill the tray with the whitening agent.

Read the indications before actually using the product to be sure for how long you should leave it in your mouth to achieve the desired results.

After use, the kit should be stored in proper location and environment. There are numerous products that advice the users to keep the kit for teeth whitening out of direct sunlight and at low temperatures, like refrigerator temperatures.

Another thing that you should know about using the kits for teeth whitening is that you shouldn’t brush your teeth after you have used the kit because it may lead to some teeth sensitivity.

If you happen to experience any discomfort, you might switch to using the Blue Light unit that speeds up the entire process and the results are 50% better compared to the teeth whitening kits.

How long can you keep the kits?

It is good to know that the kits can be used for a very long period of time. In case you have achieved theresults that you have been looking for, you can put the kit away for a later treatment. Nonetheless you have to remember that the kits for teeth whitening work only on natural tooth surfaces.

Pros of teeth whitening kits

These kits are less expensive than the professional teeth whitening treatments, and you can use them anytime you want (you don’t need an appointment with the tray). The majority of the kits have the same ingredients as whitening agents that are used at the dentist’s office and the only difference is that in some cases they could be milder.

When choosing your kit for teeth whitening you should be looking for those that come with a customizable tray. This way you can be sure that all of the teeth are exposed to the whitening agent (not just the front teeth as in case of other products). Also it will be more comfortable to wear the tray. Remember that you might have to keep it in your mouth for up to 4 hours in case of some teeth whitening kits.


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