Teeth Whitening Procedures Explained from Top to Bottom

The teeth whitening procedures refer to those processes through which the discoloration of the teeth is corrected by removing the stains. There are many different techniques including chemical whitening, abrasive teeth whitening, mild acid whitening, and laser teeth whitening.

Teeth bleaching procedures for teeth whitening

This is a kind of chemical process used to lighten the color of the patient’s teeth. This procedure can be done at a dentist’s office with the materials offered by the dentist. There is also the home method available that saves the patient the trouble of having to go to the dentist’s office.


Before the patient can actually start the procedure for teeth whitening at home, the dentist creates a custom made tray for him or her.

This is a very important item, because it ensures the patient that he or she is using the right amount of whitening solution and it also makes sure that all the teeth are equally exposed to the whitening agent.

The custom made trays are a lot more suitable for this procedure than the ones that are one-size-fits-all-mouth.

The teeth whitening procedures performed at home are quite easy. The dentists offer the patients everything that they need and they also answer all the questions that the patients may have. You can also get a phone number to call in case you happen to have any further questions.

The procedure for teeth whitening at home usually lasts for about 2-3 hours. During this time you will need to keep the tray in your mouth. According to the needs and expectations that you have, the dentists might instruct you to keep the tray in your mouth overnight. In the majority of the teeth whitening procedures you will have to follow the instructions of the dentist for 2-3 weeks and then return to the office of the dentist for follow-up visits.

How long does it last?

You should remember that the procedures for teeth whitening don’t offer permanent results. The results that you achieve could last for one or more years, according to your habits. Usually these kinds of procedures are very effective and the patients are pleased with the results.

The costs

The standard teeth whitening procedures cost about $500. Naturally the costs may vary according to the region that you are living in and the type of teeth whitening that you opt for. As an example, laser teeth whitening costs more, of about $1000. The home procedures for teeth whitening are less expensive, of about $50 and $100.

The whitening strips that you can find in stores are even cheaper, of $25 for the entire system.

Usually the more visits you need to make to the dentist, the more expensive the entire procedure will become. Also keep in mind that in the majority of the cases the costs related to the teeth whitening procedures aren’t covered by the health insurance policies, so this is something that you have to entirely pay out of your pocket. Is it really worth it?


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