The 10 Best Teeth Whitening Products

We are all looking for a nice smile and also we would all like to have white teeth. For this we have to choose among the teeth whitening products that are available at the moment.

1. Laser bleaching

This is one of the most recommended and most efficient products for teeth whitening. There is a laser beam used to whiten the teeth with the help of a certain chemical. It can be done fast and there is no need for further home treatment.

2. Zoom teeth whitening

teeth-whitening-productsZoom teeth whitening is a replica product for teeth whitening with laser bleaching. In this case there is a kind of gel applied to the teeth and then the teeth are exposed to zoom light that will spread the gel all over the teeth.

3. Bleaching

Usually bleaching doesn’t involve the use of lasers. In this case there is gel applied to the surface of the teeth and let to settle for a time period. The most important advantage of these teeth whitening products is that they show results fast.

4. At home bleaching

You can find custom fit trays filled with teeth whitening gel that need to be applied on the teeth. The best thing about this product for teeth whitening is that it can be used at home without the need and assistance of an oral health expert.

5. Porcelain veneers treatment

This is the most expensive of the teeth whitening products, but the results can be seen after 2-3 visits at the dentist. There are layers of whitening material fixed over the surface of the teeth improving the color and also modifying the shape.

6. Teeth bonding

The main point of this product for teeth whitening is to give back the natural color of the teeth. During the procedure it is also possible to reshape the teeth. In order for the procedure to be done right you need to find a professional dental care expert.

7. Whitening strips

These strips are also known for the fact that they can easily be used at home. This one of the teeth whitening products is covered with peroxide that renders the white color to teeth. Before you actually see the results you might need to use the strips for 2 weeks.

8. Whitening toothpastes

There are numerous products for teeth whitening of this kind available on the market and it is said that with time they are able to brighten your teeth. The ingredients that are used in these toothpastes are different from the ones used in regular toothpastes.

9. Dental floss

Dental floss is made of nylon filaments that are very thin. This is one of the products that can be efficiently used to remove the discoloration from the surface of the teeth. Also you can use these products at home.

10. Mouthwashes

These kinds of teeth whitening products are offered by a large number of companies on the market. In case you choose the right one of them you can achieve the desired results right at home without the help of a dentist.


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