The Beauty Standards Modify Over Time

How the society judges beauty is most of the times directly linked to the way the women looked at a certain point in the society’s history.

This is how the mignon figure with generous hips and large breasts of Marylin Monroe, the 50’s ultimate diva, was surpassed by the elegant tall and minimal body of Audrey Hepburn only to derive in the filly-form figure of Twiggy, the pole – like body, tall and exaggerated thin – the parent of the anorexia trend.

changing beauty

The 80’s made a comeback for the voluptuous body in Madonna style, the short but languorous beauty being a reminder of the amphora form men loved in antique years.

The 90’ brought the 90-60-90 standard of the fashion supermodels like Kate Moss and the men started to dream at gorgeous goddesses on the catwalk and women did their best to follow their example.

Finally the 21st century created a beauty image having as example, Angelina Jolie, tall, thin, with large breasts, sexy allure, beautiful long hair and a lot more confidence than all her predecessors.


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