The Fall Beauty Is All About The Right Details

1. Strikes Of Color

When it comes to hairstyles it’s all about the right color. In case you want to change your hair color, the autumn is the perfect time to do it. The modern colorful combinations are trendy, even when it comes to hair.

The 80s are back, therefore go for at least two contrastive colors in your hair. This will create a bold and enigmatic hairstyle, so go for the magical appeal of this trend.

Fall Beauty Is All About The Right Details

2. Personal Touch On The Manicure

The manicure tendency of the season is totally different from what we have seen. Forget the usual common French manicure, go for an artistic touch and mostly – go for your personal accent on yourmanicure.

The main color that is modern this season is red. The darker red – the better manicure is the motto of the biggest designers. Leave a personal accent on your nails; it can be a drawing or some color combination that is different from the common manicure.

3. The Nude Beauty

The makeup tendency of the season is the nude beauty. Neutral tones are now in trend, so go for all kind of cosmetics that is in the neutral palette.

Eyeshades in neutral palette, combined only with black mascara are now modern and sexy. Leave the lips bare or choose a lip-gloss with a color close to your skin.

4.Teenage Meets Goth

Monochromatic look, dark colors and eccentric silhouette are the key words that can describe this bold, and yet very elegant tendency. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Burberry have chosen this gothic look to release their latest collections.

As for the accessories, go for unusual shaped leather bags. The so called pyramid bags are now in trend, so don’t hesitate to update your wardrobe with this bold accessory. The make-up to match is darker than dark, almost emo.

5. Studied To The Maximum

Retro glam and new elegance is the suggestion behind this outstanding look. Antonio Berardi is the designer that reminds us the fashionable appeal of the studied look. The designer’s models are fine example of a lavish tendency.

Dark purple, smooth nails, glossy top coat and dark eye shades are your best friends, in case you want to achieve this super luxury and glam look. Go for retro hats and choose colors in the darkest palette.

The typical 40s style is now more than modern, so consider it as the right one for any official event.


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